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About us

Yogita London is a young independent specialist Yoga Company born out of a passion for Yoga, Childbirth Research and Education based in Angel Islington and the City.

Every incredible journey through pregnancy is unique; unique from everyone else, unique to you. Yogita London has been created to carry a woman, her baby and her birth partner, through pregnancy and beyond into labour, birth and postnatal recovery.

We offer classes & workshops in Pregnancy Yoga, Birth Preparation, Baby Massage, Family & Baby Massage, Mum & Baby Yoga, Dads & Baby Yoga.

Each element of every class and workshop is created, and then independently trialled, by an experienced mother of two, with certification and extensive research in Childbirth Education and certification as a Hatha Yoga Teacher. Certification also includes: Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Baby Yoga & Baby Massage Teacher and First Aid for Yoga Teachers.

Healthy body and healthy mind

''At Yogita London we believe that you already have enough to carry; yourself and baby.

Therefore you do not need to bring any equipment to your classes, everything that you need will be provided. ''

Jen de Vera, December 2011

Practicing Pregnancy Yoga (Prenatal Yoga), even in modest measures, during your pregnancy will bring about renewed vitality, improved concentration and focus, the ability to create peace of mind and balance within and allow you time to connect with your baby.

During Pregnancy Yoga a series of sequences especially adapted for pregnancy, will help tone, relax, strengthen and prepare your body as you learn it's capabilities and limitations during pregnancy. You will be able to stretch, to move and to feel active in a carefully controlled environment in which you and your baby's well being are the primary focus.

You can find further information regarding our Pregnancy Yoga classes in Angel Islington N1 & Clapham SW4 by clicking here.

At Yogita London we want to give you an honest approach to your birth preparation and recognise that although many births progress with little or few complications, labour can at times be challenging and at times unpredictable. If this happens we want to ensure, through our birth preparation class, you know the options and procedures available to you so that you can make the right informed choices for you and your baby's well-being so that you are able to remain calm, adapt your plans and have a good birthing experience throughout.

You can find further information regarding our Birth Preparation in Angel Islington N1 & Clapham SW4 by clicking here.

Bond and relax

The Yogita London Baby Massage course and Mama & Baby Yoga course offer a multisensory combination of touch, movement, handling and massage which are a powerful source of stimulation for your baby.

The Baby Massage course progressively strengthens baby's Respiratory, Circulatory, Digestive and Immune systems and is perfectly complemented by the natural flow and progression onto the Baby Yoga class which stregthens baby in terms of their physical abilities relating to learning to balance and giving spacial awareness, learning to feel and use muscles which will help them to roll, move and eventually crawl.

Although Baby Yoga flows on naturally from Baby Massage you do not need to have attended a Baby Massage class to appreciate the full benefits of Baby Yoga.

Now baby has arrived, your life has changed. You will face physical and emotional challenges as you reclaim and restore your body and adjust your priorities, commitments, obligations and transition into being a new mother. While taking care of your little one and finding your way through the early steps of parenthood it's quite natural to put your own personal needs aside in the interest of your new baby.

Yogita London want to use Yoga to support and pace you through your postnatal period and demanding new role as a mother, to help you regain your strength and find mental calm.

You can find further information regarding our Baby Massage classes in Angel Islington N1, Clapham SW4 & Bromley BR1, BR2, BR3 clicking here.

You can find further information regarding our Mum and Baby Yoga classes in Angel Islington N1 & Clapham SW4 by clicking here.

Fun with a purpose
As you may have noticed, dads are very important to us at Yogita London also. The Papa and Baby Yoga class is a unique class for dads which makes bonding with your baby fun while aiding neurodevelopment and facilitating language development through a series of movements put to songs and rhythm.

The yoga for dads section is aimed at reenergising the body, strengthening the core and back in preparation for future lifting and carrying of your baby when you are out and about as they grow heavier. We also offer a series of postures to relieve shoulder, neck and back discomfort which are all very common ailments for new dads.

You can find further information regarding our Dads and Baby Yoga classes in Angel Islington N1 by clicking here.

What do I need to bring to class

At Yogita London we believe that you already have enough to carry; yourself and baby. Therefore you do not need to bring any equipment to your classes, everything that you need will be provided.

Our support doesn't end at the door...


Our support and commitment does not end at the classroom or studio door. We aim to support our Clients following their classes and workshops on a number of issues relating to: their journey through pregnancy; the transition to becoming a parent; postnatal health and recovery issues; baby development issues and common baby ailments.

This 'post class / post workshop' support is nonchargeable as we believe that a price cannot be put on supporting someone at such a critical time of their lives.

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