There are many wonderful benefits to be experienced during a Baby Massage class from the physiological aspects of: improving and helping to build the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems, aiding neurodevelopment, promoting a deeper sleep as well as reducing the symptoms of colic; to the emotional aspects of touch promoting a bond between you and baby, and the reduction of stress in your baby due to their new environment. 

Baby Massage expressed through gentle movements, often accompanied by melodic rhymes and constant eye contact, is a powerful source of multisensory stimulation for your baby.

At Yogita London we believe in using natural, skin appropriate, baby massage oils that are as close to the natural Sebum found in baby’s skin as possible; which is why we recommend products such as a simple Almond or Sunflower Seed oil.

There are so many nourishing qualities to Baby Massage, we want the oils to penetrate the skin, not sit on top of the skin. And as the oils are penetrating the skin believe in using oils which are additive and preservative free! Let’s keep baby’s skin and system as natural as we can!


Baby Massage Courses in Angel Islington

Further information about our Islington Baby Massage course is available below:

Baby Massage

(4 classes)
New dates to be confirmed!
Venue: Angel Islington
Course in progress!

A message from Jen de Vera

I’m absolutely thrilled that Marta, from Renew Massage at Neal’s Yard, will be leading our Baby Massage classes as a guest Teacher with Yogita London!

Marta is my number one go to Massage Therapist for Pre & Postnatal Massage – and the only Massage Therapist I send my Yogita London Yoga Teachers too! 

Our Baby Massage classes are suitable from those first few weeks to crawling and from there you can continue on with an adapted version at home as baby grows….I miss teaching Baby Massage at Yogita London however I still use baby massage techniques to help with my own kids growing pains as they enter new phases of development.

I’m so pleased to have Baby Massage back on the Yogita London schedule!  Jen x’

Our Baby classes are held on Upper St and conveniently located for, and serviced by, public transport. If you’re taking the bus you’ll either arrive directly outside the building or a two minute walk away!

Our venue is incredibly family orientated with a wonderful Reception Team who are always happy to help! There are three dedicated baby change facilities, no awkward stairs to navigate as we have a beautifully wide lift for your buggy along with dedicated buggy parking spaces!

It’s the perfect location to either take a walk through the nearby square or gardens after class, or grab a coffee with a new mum from the course!

All equipment and water is provided for class, so just bring yourself, your little one, baby’s bag and enjoy! Breastfeeding is more than welcome too and we also have baby bottle warmers and facilities.

Baby Massage Yogita London Islington N1

Missed Class & Holiday Policy

At Yogita London we have a ‘Missed Class & Holiday policy’ in order to consistently and fairly reduce your fee when you are away. We like to make you aware of this policy as you join us. Our policy is: if you are going to be away for two or more consecutive weeks, and advise us of this when you book, we will adjust your fee accordingly.

For all other missed classes we do not offer refunds or allow classes to be rolled over to the next booking period. However we will offer you another class within your current series of classes when there is availability. If however there are exceptional circumstances, such as hospitalisation or baby arrives early, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Baby Massage Missed Class & Holiday Policy

Please note that due to the nature of the Baby Massage Course, there are no refunds or roll overs available for our Baby Massage course with our special guest teacher. Protection Status